Bio / Artist Statement

Kyla Lakin is a painter specializing in pet portraiture and plein air landscapes in acrylic, pen and watercolor. Miss Lakin received her BFA in painting from Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. In early 2016, Kyla relocated to Elk Grove, California and is exploring her new city while working on pet portrait commissions. Her most recent exhibitions include Animal House at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center in January 2016, and The Art of Excellence Exhibition by the Elk Grove Artists Group during the annual Western Festival in April 2016. Future events will include the California State Fair Plein Air Competition in July 2016, and potential exhibitions in the Fall.

Creating art is an extension of myself, it comforts me and I paint animals because they make me happy. Commissioned pet portraits are a way for me to engage with people who have the same emotional attachment with animals that I do. Bright and contrasting colors excite and bring life to the animals in my artwork. Using expressionistic methods, unnatural colors and emphasized brushstrokes to paint fur, such as a smooth blue dog or furry purple cat, gives me the opportunity to capture the animal’s unique appearance and personality. Capturing a pet’s personality through their eyes and specific fur markings are the key to portraying the animal correctly, and resulting in a strong connection between the painting and the pet owner.

Interested in a custom pet portrait? Visit for a price list!


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